New Yamaha Intermediate Flutes YFL-362H / YFL-382H / YFL-462H / YFL-482H

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New Yamaha Intermediate Flutes

The new line of Yamaha intermediate flutes includes the successors to the ever-popular step-up instruments the Yamaha YFL-3xx and 4xx series. The new models will continue with the 3 and 4 series designation. However, the new 3-series flutes will be the YFL-362H and YFL-382H (offset-G and inline-G respectively), each of which feature a sterling silver head joint and silver plated body along with a b-foot. Either model is also available with an optional gold-plated lip plate (YFL-362H/LPGP and YFL-382H/LPGP).

The Yamaha YFL-462H and YFL-482H (offset-G and inline-G respectively) are the same flute as the 3 series flute, except the entire flute is sterling silver with silver-plated keys.

Pointed Key Arms

All intermediate Yamaha flutes will now feature pointed key-arms. With pointed key-arms, the pressure applied to the pad cup by the key arm is applied evenly throughout the surface of the key, which in turns improves the seal of the pad.

New Springs

Both the Yamaha Intermediate Flute series also offers new stainless steel springs that result in increased resistance to corrosion. Pad felts have also been modified to replicate the style and feel of the felts used in the professional line of flutes.

Lastly, the Yamaha YFL-362H and YFL-382H will now include the French-style case with a French case-cover which used to only be available on the 4-series flutes.

The 3-series and 4-series Yamaha intermediate flutes have been amazing step-up flutes for many years. Many progressing students make huge strides in their tone and playability when upgrading to intermediate level instruments. Just as with the student models, the intermediate Yamaha flutes produce a clean, focused, and easy tone that professing students and professionals alike love!


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Paul Effman Music is excited to be amongst one of the first retailers to be offering these new models. We are now accepting pre-orders for the Yamaha intermediate flutes on If interested in placing a pre-order, you can follow the link below:

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