Yamaha Standard Flute YFL-222 at Paul Effman Music Store!

Yamaha Standard Flute YFL-222

Paul Effman Music Store is proud to announce we will be carrying the new line of Yamaha standard and intermediate flutes announced today at NAMM 2016. The incredibly popular and arguably best standard flute on the market has been the Yamaha YFL-221. Today, Yamaha announced the release of the successor, the Yamaha Standard Flute YFL-222 flute.

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Pointed Key-Arms

The first thing you’ll notice on the new Yamaha YFL-222 flute is the pointed key-arms. This immediately gives the appearance of a flute that is of a higher caliber of the predecessor. With pointed key-arms, the pressure applied by the arms to the pad cups is evenly distributed accoss the entire top surface of the key, as opposed to just the edge of the key, ultimately providing a better seal.

New Offset-G Design

The Yamaha YFL-222 flute is also featuring a redesigned offset-G key system. The new design provides easier access for repair technicians, but also extends the playing life. Also upgraded on the Yamaha YFL-222 flute is the spring system, with the new flute model now featuring stainless steel springs that will increase the resistance to corrosion.

New Pad Felts

Pad felts have also been updated and now replicate the style and thickness of those found in their professional line resulting in a more precise seal.

Ultimately, Yamaha has taken the best and has made it better! Paul Effman Music Store is excited to carry the new flutes which we have been told will start shipping in March of 2016. We are now accepting pre-orders on our website of the new flute. You can place a pre-order at pemusicstore.com by following this link:


For more information, or to place an order over the phone please call us at 877-88HYSON!