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3 Reasons Your Music Student Should Start Piano or Guitar Lessons

Your child may play a music instrument (like trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, flute, trombone, violin, viola, or cello) in school, so why do they need to learn to play another instrument? Piano and guitar are both instruments that form the base for a lot of music. They can be utilized in different ways to enhance or […]

4 Tips for Music Students This Summer

4 Tips for Music Students This Summer As the school year comes to the close, many students will find themselves occupied with various summer activities. The summer is, without question, the most critical time for a student to maintain a regular practice schedule. The students who practice regularly over the summer will show up to […]

A Guide to Getting Started on the Trumpet

The Trumpet Student Basics The Trumpet: Of course, it makes sense that the most important item in a trumpet student’s arsenal of gear is the trumpet itself! There’s a wide array of options to choose from, and if you are not an experienced musician or music educator yourself, it can certainly be daunting to choose. […]

Why EVERY Band Student Should Have a Metronome

As a school band director, teaching beginner players, I am constantly asked by parents what items their children really need to get started. There are a few key recommendations that I make, regardless of what instrument their child plays. First, they need a reliable instrument (we’ll talk about that in another blog, another day). Second, […]