Hyson Music Announces Industry First: Free Extended Warranty Program

Hyson Music announces an industry first:  free extended warranty program on all new band instruments purchased through  www.pemusicstore.com.

In a bold step that again raises the bar in customer service, Hyson Music has announced an innovative new program that will provide a free 1-year extended warranty on all new band instruments purchased from their website. The additional warranty begins at the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty.

“We’ve always been grounded in customer service, and this just seems like the natural progression to ensure our customers are always receiving the best service. We are always looking to stay one step ahead of the competition when it comes to service,” said Hyson Music president Jesse Effman.

Justin Varuzzo, Hyson Music vice-president added, “being  known as ‘the customer service’ company, we always handle all warranty issues in-house, often ignoring many of the manufacturer’s warranty exclusions.  Our confidence in our service is now better translated to our customers through our free extended warranty program. Our customers can have the utmost confidence before and long after the sale.”

The new program is available on any new band instruments sold on the Hyson Music website, regardless of make or model. Hyson Music will repair, free of charge, any instrument covered by this warranty except for damage from neglect.

Hyson Music is an online retailer of band instruments and accessories. Hyson Music offers many innovative programs, such as their “Certified Pre-Owned Band Instrument” program, which allows  customers to save hundreds on ‘like-new’ instrument models.