Yamaha has announced the release of their newly redesigned alto and tenor saxophones!


Yamaha has announced the release of their newly redesigned alto and tenor saxophones, the Custom Z 82ZII and the “New 62” 62III models. The official model numbers for these products are as follows: YAS-82ZII (Yamaha Custom Z Alto Saxophone with Gold Lacquer Finish), YAS82ZIIS (Yamaha Custom Z Alto Saxophone with Silver-Plated Finish), YTS-82ZII (Yamaha Custom Z Tenor Saxophone with Gold Lacquer Finish), YTS-82ZIIS (Yamaha Custom Z Tenor Saxophone with Silver-Plated Finish), YAS-62III (Yamaha New 62 Alto Saxophone with Gold Lacquer Finish), YAS-62IIIS (Yamaha New 62 Alto Saxophone with Silver-Plated Finish), YTS-62III (Yamaha New 62 Tenor Saxophone with Gold Lacquer Finish), and YTS-62ZIIIS (Yamaha New 62 Tenor Saxophone with Silver-Plated Finish).

The 82ZII redesign will replace Yamaha’s popular and acclaimed 82Z models, and the 62III (referred to as “New 62”) will replace their legendary and sought after 62II models. The new models are anticipated to be in stock and ready for shipment to Hyson Music customers by April 20th, 2013.

One of the most dramatic and innovative changes that Yamaha has implemented to 82ZII model is a new one-piece bell with beautiful, intricate hand-engraving. The one-piece bell drastically improves low end response and offers players a wider range of tonal possibilities. The stunningly intricate and detailed engraving work is also new, and now features even more refined and elaborate design. Other great features include domed metal resonators, a wide bore tapered “V1” neck, improved low B-C# connection (big help in the instrument’s low range), a lighter thumb hook, and a durable hard-shell Z-style case.

Hyson Music Vice President Justin Varuzzo said, “The 82Z has been a standard for professionals for some time, and I’m really excited to see that Yamaha has refreshed this horn and made some improvements!”

The “New 62” has also been ramped up from its previous versions. This historic Yamaha sax model has really been around since 1969, back when it was the YAS-61. The 61’s magnetic success continued with the 1979 introduction of their YAS-62, followed by the introduction of the YAS-62II in 2003. Now, new for 2013, an even more impressive upgrade is being introduced, and they are calling it the “New 62.” This new model is a favorite of Yamaha artists Dave Koz and Dr. Eugene Rousseau. Both of these talented musicians were interviewed by Yamaha about the New 62 lineup, and their overall sentiments were that this series has outstanding response in all ranges, is great for quick passages because of its impeccable key action, and can play exceptionally at a powerhouse volume as well as soft, delicate dynamic levels. Koz has been using these saxes for over 25 years, and as a player who travels and performs constantly, he is particularly impressed with the durability and reliability of Yamaha’s 62 saxes.

Vice President Justin Varuzzo stated that he is confident that Hyson customers will enjoy the upgrades. Hyson Music is very proud to be an authorized dealer of Yamaha products. They carry a wide range of Yamaha offerings, from their standard, intermediate, professional, and custom instruments to their coveted instrumental accessories. Yamaha is indisputably a leader in the instrumental music industry, and their relationship with Hyson is one of their most valued partnerships.

Hyson also carries an extensive selection of like-new certified pre-owned Yamaha instruments, allowing customers to save a considerable amount of money on this incredible, trusted brand. Hyson Music can be reached at 516-433-1107 for any orders, support, or inquiries.