Introducing the new Buffet E12F Clarinet – Model BC2512F-2-0


Introducing the new Buffet E12F Clarinet – BC2512F-2-0

Buffet has announced the release of the new semi-professional model clarinet named the “E12F”. The official model of this clarinet is BC2512F-2-0 and Hyson Music will be adding this instrument to our line-up. We expect to have the new clarinet in stock by mid-February of 2013.

The new semi-professional clarinet sits a model above the popular E11 (BC2501N-5-0), and a step below models such as the R13 professional series, or the Buffet Limite (formerly known as the E13).

The E12F is made in Germany in the same factory that produces the E11. It features a granadilla wood body with silver plated keys. It is virtually indistinguishable from the now discontinued E11 France instrument. It includes the same backpack style case as the E11 France and also comes packaged with a reed, pencil, swab, mouthpiece, ligature, and silver-plated mouthpiece cap.

The only difference we noticed between the E11 France and the new E12F was a slightly improved design where the posts are screwed into the body as opposed to glued.  The design, key layout, case, and everything else is virtually identical.

“We expect the new model will help customers differentiate between the classic E11 and the new E12F model. We are glad to see Buffet has eliminated the confusion between the older models.” said Hyson Music vice president Justin Varuzzo.

Hyson Music is an authorized dealer of the Buffet-Group’s products. We offer Buffet clarinets ranging from the student model B12 ( BC2501N-5-0 ), to the professional R13 , in addition to the 400-series alto saxophone. All of our Buffet products are available on our website at We also have a variety of like-new certified pre-owned Buffet clarinets and alto saxophones at greatly discounted prices. We can be reached at 516-433-1107 for any orders, support, or inquiries.