Buying a Used Band Instrument

Buying a used band instrument is a great way to get a quality instrument at substantial savings off the price of a new instrument. However, as with buying anything used, there are some important things to consider and look out for when shopping.

First and foremost, it is important to purchase an instrument from a reputable source. Even if it is an individual selling an instrument online, ensure they will accept a return should the instrument not meet your expectations. The return policy window should be at least 30-days.

All of our used Yamaha band instruments at Hyson Music include a full 30-day return policy. Not only do we accept returns, we will even pay for the return shipping should a customer not be 100% satisfied with the instrument.

Next, consider the value of a warranty. Many instruments, such as a Yamaha YFL-221 or Yamaha Advantage flute may require minor adjustments down the road. Our comprehensive warranty covers adjustments, cleanings, and all repairs. The only exclusions are damage from neglect, theft, or loss.

Hyson Music offers certified used Yamaha band instruments that include popular models such as a certified used Yamaha YFL-221 Flute, a certified used Yamaha YCL-255 Clarinet, a certified used Yamaha YAS-26 Alto Saxophone, and Yamaha YTR-2330 trumpets. We also offer a selection of used Yamaha advantage band instruments. All of our instruments are sterilized, cleaned, and adjusted prior to shipment, ensuring your instrument is flawless upon delivery.

It is important to consider the reputation of a music store or company as it pertains to band instruments. Beware of a guitar shop that rents band instruments through a 3rd party. More often than not, in these arrangements you will lose a huge level of service as these vendors cannot repair nor service the instruments. They are dependent on the 3rd party that may not share the same views of customer service!

Lastly, unless you are buying a certified used band instrument from Hyson Music, you can assume even an instrument described as “excellent condition” may in fact need about $100 worth of work to make “perfect”. Not that other sellers are being dishonest, but many individuals and stores that are not experts in band instruments may miss the little things that can damper the ability for a student to learn.

Hyson Music has a full selection in-stock of Certified Pre-Owned Yamaha Band Instruments, and each instruments has been carefully photographed in our studio to show every nuance of the instruments to there are no surprises.

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