Best Affordable Student Trumpet Under $300

There are a multitude of inexpensive trumpets available on the market. There are many brands that have come and gone over the years offering various colors, styles, and models of student trumpets. So which trumpet is the best student trumpet?

One brand in particular has been consistent for over fifteen years now, and that is the LJ Hutchen Model 4218 Bb Trumpet. This trumpet has remained consistent with minor improvements made nearly every year since it’s inception, while the price has changed little over the years.


LJ Hutchen Student Trumpet Model 4218

An Affordable Student Trumpet

The LJ Hutchen trumpet offers parents a great way to avoid costly rental contracts for a beginning student. The investment in an LJ Hutchen trumpet will usually pay for itself in a matter of a year or two, but it’s built with a level quality that will allow it to endure years of use.

With excellent intonation and a free blowing design, this trumpet makes it easy for young players and adult players just starting out to get a nice clean sound and even tone. The standard package includes a nice built case that will serve to protect the instrument. The package also includes a mouthpiece and cleaning cloth.

Even Better With An Upgrade

We have found that the LJ Hutchen trumpet can be improved upon, quite dramatically we might add, by purchasing a Yamaha 11B4 Trumpet Mouthpiece or Bach 7C Trumpet Mouthpiece – each is equivalent in size and offer a superior sound over the included mouthpiece.

A Crowd Favorite

Don’t take our word for the quality of the 4218 model, a quick internet search will show not only is it frequently one of the top selling trumpets on Amazon, but the 5-star reviews are endless. LJ Hutchen is a company that stands behind their products, and coupled with Hyson Music’s support program, you will never be left disappointed.

One thing to note is that while the LJ Hutchen #4128 trumpet is available at several retailers like Amazon and Walmart, when the trumpet is purchased from you get the same great price, but also receive an additional year of warranty coverage. In other words, the 2-year factory warranty becomes a 3-year comprehensive warranty when purchased from Hyson Music.

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