Protec Max Clarinet Case Review

Protec Max Clarinet Case Review


Protec makes some amazing cases, but not always at such an amazing price. To answer the call of budget-conscious consumers, Protec created the MAX line of cases.maxclarinet2

This Protec MAX Clarinet Case is currently available in black, blue, purple, and pink. It’s a very light case made from nylon, with a EPS Foam interior to protect the instrument. It weighs in at less than two pounds.

The interior is lined in a soft plush lining with molded depressions to secure each piece of the instrument. It includes an adjustable shoulder strap, in addition to the padded grips, which also lock together with a velcro closure.

Clarinet players are always denied any additional storage or pockets on with their factory cases. Fortunately when upgrading to the MAX case, you will final get a nice zipper pocket that covers the entire span of the case – perfect for holding reeds, cleaning cloths, swabs, and small accessories.

The MAX cases also feature nice rubber gripped zipper pulls attached to a heavy-duty zipper. Zippers amaxclarinetre notoriously problematic on cases, with students often breaking them, at this price point the zipper is much nicer than many less expensive alternatives, and shouldn’t be a problem on this problem.

This case makes a great upgrade for most clarinet players. It’s far lighter than most factory cases and offers better protection! If you are an ‘on the road’ musician and traveling a lot, you’d be wise to spend a little more and upgrade to something from the Protec Pro Pac line.

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