Buying a Yamaha YFL-221 Student Flute

Buying a Yamaha YFL-221 Student Flute

A Guide to Weighing out the Options

Purchasing a new student flute is often not as easy as it should be. There are many brands, models, and options available to parents of beginning students, and even adults starting their musical journey late in life.

One of the most popular and most-expensive flutes is the Yamaha Student Flute YFL-221 model. We are often asked why this flute it so much more expensive than many other options that exist.

When compared to flutes such as the Gemeinhardt 2SP and the LJ Hutchen Model #4215, the Yamaha seems far more expensive. Is the additional expense really worth it?

There are several factors that should be considered when purchasing a new student flute. The most important factor is if the flute is a good flute, reliable, and easy to play. The good news is without debate, you’ll find the Yamaha YFL-221 Student flute is one of the easiest, best built flutes on the market. You get what you pay for with a flute, and there is no question the Yamaha flute is worth every penny.

The next factor to consider is if your child will stick with the flute? Unfortunately, many students will quit mid-year of their first year, or shortly after. Making such a big purchase when you are not confident that your child will continue can be a costly mistake. It is wise to save money on your first flute purchase and go with an LJ Hutchen Flute your first few years if you feel your child may quit. If your child proves they are committed to learning the flute, you can always upgrade to the Yamaha a few years later and still save a ton of money over renting.

Resale factor is another important thing to consider. What will my flute be worth in a few years if my child decides to quit? Yamaha’s are known for having the best resale value, and LJ Hutchen has proven to maintain one of the strongest resale values in its price point.

In short, if you can afford the Yamaha YFL-221, you can’t go wrong making this decision. It’s universally accepted by virtually all educators, has great quality, and is made of strong solid materials.

If you are on a budget or think your child may not stick with the flute, you are much better off saving money and going with an option such as the Gemeinhardt 2SP student flute, or the LJ Hutchen Student Flute.

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