Protecting Your Musical Instrument

At Paul Effman Music, like many of you, we are musicians. We know what it is like to haul around your instruments and equipment. We also know the importance of protecting your musical instrument. Sometimes these instruments and equipment can be costly. Our gear is our investment in our careers. Although most instruments come with a factory warranty, many times things are not covered by that warranty. It is a shame hearing stories of instruments breaking, getting lost or even stolen. For those that play in professional ensembles or play to earn money, buying another professional level instrument is not a budget friendly option. Fortunately, there are options to insure and protect your instrument if anything happens.

The easiest option to protect your instrument is to add it to your homeowners or renters insurance. Those insurances are designed to protect the items in your home, but insurance companies allow you to add specific items. Like jewelry, instruments can be added with a specified value assigned to it. You can add musical instruments to your insurance policy, but you will have to go through the process of appraising your instrument and it will increase your premium. Despite the premium increase, it would be worth it in order to protect your expensive instrument(s).

The second option would be to get insurance specifically for musical instruments. These types of third party insurance companies usually start at around $150 a year for $10,000 worth of musical equipment coverage. It not only covers your instrument, but also valuable papers needed for traveling musicians, rental reimbursements, and has a deductible of $100 per loss (not per item).

We do not offer insurance for instruments, but strongly recommend protecting your musical instrument with insurance if you have an intermediate or professional level instrument worth over $1,000. If you’ve lost an instrument and do not have insurance, please give us a call – we’d be happy to discuss discounts and options to replace an instrument without breaking the bank! You can see the brands we carry at Paul Effman Music Store.