Top 5 Student Trumpets – Choosing an Instrument for a Beginner Trumpet Player

You are here to learn about the top 5 student trumpets. Your child just came home from school today and said “Mommy, I need to get a trumpet for band!” Along with the statement comes a sheet from the band director with a few ‘preferred’ dealers. To your shock and dismay you find that your only options are expensive rental plans with purchase prices over $1000! This is a common scenario, but not all hope is lost. This article will look at the top five student trumpets available for a new student. The best student trumpets will be presented in sale price order from the least expensive to the most expensive.

Before diving into the trumpet brands and models it’s important to heed the words of the band teacher. Most likely you have a note that screams “AVOID CHEAP INTERNET BRANDS”, and they are mostly correct. As a professional educator I can attest to the frustration when students show up to the first day of band with their purple trumpet that cost $99. It’s equally disappointing to the student when they find out it doesn’t work or sound like the trumpets in the band, and lastly disappointing to you, the parents, when you find out your money just went to waste.

These top five student trumpets are being presented from the viewpoint of a music educator. At Hyson Music you will not find the purple trumpets for $99, nor a normal looking trumpet for $150. Simply put, we refuse to sell something we, as educators, would be disappointed to see in the hands of our students. Here are our top 5 student trumpets:

1. LJ Hutchen Model 4218 Trumpet

The best, least expensive trumpet is the LJ Hutchen #4218 Bb student trumpet. As of this writing the 4128 model is only $249.99. There is nothing that can come close in terms of quality and playability at this price point. Selling points of this trumpet include its fantastic reviews, it’s often the top-selling trumpet nationwide at major retailers, and LJ Hutchen’s stellar reputation for customer service should any problems occur. When looking for an alternative to renting, an LJ Hutchen trumpet will pay for itself usually within a year.

The downside of the LJ Hutchen trumpet is that if your child progresses for many years and plays into high school, it’s likely you will have to upgrade the trumpet down the road. However, many students will choose alternatives to music like sports as more opportunities open up in higher grades. The last thing you want is to spend $1000 and find out that your child decides to quit a year later.

2. Jupiter 600L Trumpet

Unfortunately, after leaving the $250 price point the remainder of our options shoot up in price. The Jupiter 600L is an excellent student model trumpet, and it includes one of the best trumpet cases in the industry. Jupiter brass has been making a big splash in the industry and they continue to grow and compete in the brass space. The Jupiter trumpet is priced right around $1000, but there are often rebates or sales available.

3. Bach TR-300H2 Trumpet

If you are looking to buy American, a great option is the Bach TR-300H2 trumpet. This trumpet is entirely made in America by Conn-Selmer in Elkhart Indiana. It’s a fantastic instrument, and the people at Bach know a thing or two about trumpets. Bach Stradivarius trumpets are the most popular professional trumpet on the market. The skills to build such a fine instrument trickle down to their student line. Bach TR-300H2 trumpets are easy to play, free blowing, include a Bach 7C mouthpiece (one of the best mouthpieces out there for a student), and include a respectable case to keep the instrument safe.

4. Yamaha YTR-2330 Standard Bb Trumpet

One of the most expensive student trumpets, but also regarded as one of the best student trumpets is the Yamaha YTR-2330 Standard Bb trumpet. Yamaha trumpets have long reigned supreme throughout the world. They are very easy to play, come in an incredible case, and have outrageous resale values. Yamaha also stands behind all of their student trumpets with a 5-year warranty. Better yet, when purchased from Hyson Music the 5-year warranty is extended to 6 years free of charge!

5. Yamaha Advantage Trumpet

Number five on our list is the Yamaha YTR-200ADII trumpet, it’s virtually the same as the Yamaha YTR-2330 trumpet, but includes a premium plush lined plastic case that can endure years of abuse and still look great. Yamaha Advantage instruments are not available online.

For more information on any of these models, or to place an order , please call Hyson Music at 877-88HYSON and one of our expert team members will be happy to answer any questions.

Remember we can typically beat any price from an authorized dealer! If you found any of these for less, give us a call and give us the opportunity to earn your business. Most importantly, remember we include free setup, free shipping, and the free extended warranty. We even have financing options if you want to spread payments over time. We hope you enjoyed learning about our top 5 student trumpets!