Viking M58S Tenor Saxophone Review

Viking M58S Tenor Review


Today, we are going to review the Viking M58S Tenor Saxophone in Gold Cognac finish!

Viking Musical Instruments is a small New York based company making a big splash on the saxophone scene. One of their most popular models is the well-reviewed and sought-after Viking M58S Tenor Saxophone, which is now in its second generation.

We had heard some rumblings about the ground Viking was gaining, and decided it would be wise to carry the brand in our stores.

Joe North, a local professional sax player joined us for a day to play through some horns. Joe was using an otto-link tone edge mouthpiece with a Vandoren Java Tenor reed and a rovner ligature in the testing of this instrument.

The Viking comes in a few finishes, but the one here today is a Cognac Aged Gold Lacquer finish. It’s a beautiful dark color with a glossy finish.

The Viking features an underslung octave mechanism. It has a design, and a pleasantly similar sound to the vintage super balanced action and Mark VI tenor’s in which it was modeled after. It includes a well built soft case, mouthpiece, cap, and ligature.

Joe noted this horn had a huge big sound, but maintained a great mellow tone throughout the range. Joe really enjoyed the ergonomics of the horn, finding all the keys were in a very comfortable position and it ‘just felt right’.  The palm keys are slightly recessed toward the instrument, and although it was a bit different than he is used to, he said they felt very comfortable. Lastly, Joe noted the horn demonstrated very quiet mechanics – making it a great studio horn.

If you’re a sax player looking for the classic feel and sound of a vintage Mark VI, but desire a reliable and affordable instrument, the Viking M58S Tenor Saxophone is absolutely worth checking out!

We will have the video review posted soon!