Tru Tuner – Rapid Drum Head Replacement System

TRU_TUNER1Tru Tuner is one of the latest additions to Hyson Music’s inventory. This is a fantastic new approach to drum tuning that players and music educators will surely love! Check out the product and some related videos by clicking HERE.

Tru Tuner is an innovative new product that can save you tons of tuning time as compared to tuning with a traditional drill bit, or even an electric drill.


– Changes any head in about a minute (Compared to 3-6+ minutes with a traditional or electric drill)
– Stretches drumhead evenly for precise results
– Produces near-perfect tension at each lug
– Easy to fine-tune because keys are in place & tension is even
– Tightens every point at the same time (this is where the time savings really surpasses other methods!)
– Works with almost ALL lug patterns (8”, 10”, 12”, 13”, 14”, 15”, 16”)
– Safe and easy to use
– Less work for fingers and hands
– Increases lifespan of head
– Perfect for drummers with arthritis or carpal tunnel
– Can be used anywhere, no power needed
– Faster head replacement than any other method
– Great product for any band director or private drum teacher’s arsenal of tuning tools


– Clear reinforced polycarbonate disc for visibility and strength
– 10 chrome-plated keys specially-designed for Tru Tuner
– Zipping mesh bag with clip for easy storage of keys
– Folding handle for safe and easy storage
– Fits in cymbal case for easy transport
– Numbered start holes for lining up specific drum size
– Lined ridges on disc to follow in order – simply line up keys easily for each specific drum size
– Disc bottom is flat for strength when on flat surface – also prevents damage to drum heads
– Color-coded rings for easy setup on each drum

TRU_TUNER3Tru Tuner vs. Drill Bit:

– Tru Tuner is faster
– Tru Tuner is safer – you can’t over tighten and warp shells
– Tru Tuner produces even tension on drumhead
– Tru Tuner provides even tension all over, making fine-tuning simple
– Tru Tuner is not electronic – never runs out of power or needs electricity