What is the Yamaha Allegro Line of Instruments?

What is the Yamaha “Allegro” Line of Instruments?


We are often asked about the Yamaha Allegro series of band instruments.

These instruments are a unique product line that are not available online. They are intended for students that have outgrown their student model instrument. They feature a 7-year warranty to ensure students are covered through their remaining school years. Each instrument in the series has some features that go a step beyond their traditional counterparts. For example, the Yamaha Allegro Flute YFL-371H is very similar to the standard YFL-361H, except the Allegro model features a split-E mechanism, a premium french flute case and cover, and a gold plated lip. The Allegro clarinet YCL-550 is similar to the YCL-450 but includes a premium case, features gold-plated posts and silver plated keys with a silver plated mouthpiece cap. Each instrument offers some options not available on their counterparts in addition to the extended warranty. The Yamaha Allegro trumpet features a premium case and gold-plated mouthpiece, hand-lapped monel valves, all in a silver-plated finish. The Allegro trombone features an F-attachment with an open-wrap, while the alto and tenor saxophones feature improved necks and stronger key guards.

Making the decision between the allegro line vs. the standard line of step-up instruments can sometimes be difficult, while many of the features are cosmetic or non-essential to the playability or sound of the instrument, some things like the split-E on the allegro flute might be essential!

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Please note these instruments are not available online.