What is the “Advantage” line of Yamaha band instruments?

Advantage Instruments?

Many wonder, even after more than a decade of marketing and manufacturing, what the difference is between a standard series Yamaha band instrument, and a Yamaha Advantage band instrument.

There is the Yamaha YFL-222 Flute, and then the Yamaha Advantage YFL-200AD Flute. You have the Yamaha YCL-255 Clarinet, and the Yamaha Advantage YCL-200AD Clarinet. There is the Yamaha YAS-26 Alto Saxophone, and a Yamaha Advantage YAS-200AD Alto Saxophone. Compare the YTR-2330 Trumpet to the Yamaha Advantage YTR-200AD. Yamaha makes a YTS-26 Tenor Saxophone, and a Yamaha Advantage YTS-200AD Tenor Saxophone. Finally we have the Yamaha Trombone YSL-354, and a Yamaha Advantage YSL-200AD.

Believe it or not, the instruments are identical to one another. There is not a single difference between the standard instrument and the Advantage series instrument, other than the engraving on the instrument itself.

What’s The Difference?

Why are both available? Do they sell for the same price?

First of all, you can’t buy a new Yamaha Advantage instrument online. If you see one advertised online, it is likely being sold by an unauthorized dealer (making the manufacturer’s warranty invalid), or it is a used instrument.

The Advantage series is designed for music store rental fleets. This explains the premium hard shell case included with these instruments, which retails for almost $200 for the case alone! The cases are much more durable than the standard series counterparts, so they can endure the abuse of a rental inventory. This also explains the dimples in the top of the case, and the nubs on the bottom of the case, designed to stack tall while stored in a music store.
In the used instrument market, the Advantage series will typically be slightly more expensive than the standard series because of the case. Meanwhile, because the Advantage series is relatively new in comparison to existing models, they remain absent from most music teachers’ recommendation lists.

At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter which one you purchase since the instruments are identical. If you find the comparable models priced similarly, you should go with the Advantage series to take advantage of the nicer case. If resale value is of utmost importance, it will be easier to sell the standard series based on the popularity of the model numbers. Either way, you can’t go wrong and you will be getting one of the best student instruments available today!
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Justin Varuzzo
Hyson Music