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What is the Yamaha Allegro Line of Instruments?

What is the Yamaha “Allegro” Line of Instruments? We are often asked about the Yamaha Allegro series of band instruments. These instruments are a unique product line that are not available online. They are intended for students that have outgrown their student model instrument. They feature a 7-year warranty to ensure students are covered through […]

Hyson Music Announces Industry First: Free Extended Warranty Program

Hyson Music announces an industry first:  free extended warranty program on all new band instruments purchased through  www.hysonmusic.com. In a bold step that again raises the bar in customer service, Hyson Music has announced an innovative new program that will provide a free 1-year extended warranty on all new band instruments purchased from their website. […]

Buying a Used Band Instrument

Buying a used band instrument is a great way to get a quality instrument at substantial savings off the price of a new instrument. However, as with buying anything used, there are some important things to consider and look out for when shopping. First and foremost, it is important to purchase an instrument from a […]

Hyson Music’s First Look at the Yamaha YCL-255 Clarinet

The YCL-255 clarinet by Yamaha is new for two thousand twelve and replaced their best-selling YCL-250 model, which is now discontinued. Exactly how do you improve on perfection? Afterall, the YCL-250 has been the defacto standard for student clarinets for well over a decade. The new YCL-255 at first looks appears to be indentical to […]

Press Release – Hyson Music Expanding Certified Pre-Owned Band Instrument Program

Nov 20, 2011 – PLAINVIEW , NY – Hyson Music has expanded their “Certified Pre-Owned Band Instrument” program to include used band instruments at the intermediate and professional level. Hyson Music offers many models of used Yamaha band instruments, Buffet clarinets, and Conn-Selmer band instruments through their Ebay store, as well as on their website […]

Yamaha – Made in China or Japan?

“Where was this instrument manufactured?” This is one of the most frequently asked questions in regards to Yamaha student instruments. These include the YFL-222 Flute, YCL-255 Clarinet, YAS-26 Alto Saxophone, YTS-26 Tenor Saxophone, YTR-2330 Trumpet, YSL-354 Trombone, etc. For many years the entire Yamaha band instrument line was manufactured in Japan, and stamped as such. […]

What is the “Advantage” line of Yamaha band instruments?

Advantage Instruments? Many wonder, even after more than a decade of marketing and manufacturing, what the difference is between a standard series Yamaha band instrument, and a Yamaha Advantage band instrument. There is the Yamaha YFL-222 Flute, and then the Yamaha Advantage YFL-200AD Flute. You have the Yamaha YCL-255 Clarinet, and the Yamaha Advantage YCL-200AD […]